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Thursday, March 1, 2012

R≠D ... Here's the Difference

In the Senate today, 45 Republicans (plus 3 Democrats) voted against contraception being covered by insurance, and 50 Democrats (plus 1 Republican) voted for contraception being covered by insurance. The Republicans stuck this issue onto a bipartisan transportation bill. They went out of their way to be on record opposing health care for women. It's clear that Democrats support women's health care rights and Republicans don't. 
And the Republican presidential candidates hold the same position, as does my home state senator, Republican Scott Brown. We all need to keep this in mind the next time we step into the voting booth. A vote for Republicans is a vote against equality for women.
Strong majorities of Americans support contraception being covered by insurance, while an overwhelming majority of Republicans in the Senate disagree with the will of the American people on the issue.
Does anyone still believe the myth that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans?

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