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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Parenting and Patriotism

Here's are thoughtful and wise words on parenting and patriotism from an excerpt from the excellent new book, Confessions of an American Dad, by Russell King:
Patriots are proud of their country for the ideals to which it aspires, the values it holds dear, and the good that it does. That patriotism leads to a feeling of responsibility, both for what we do and who we are today and for what we want to do and be tomorrow.

Nationalists are proud no matter what the country does, which leads to simple, stupid, blind arrogance. Nationalists are obsessed with having their nation be “greater” than all other nations, even if it means lying to themselves and others ...

Put into parenting terms: patriots are like the parents who recognize the good and the bad in their children and who work hard, every day, to help them grow up to be the best men and women they can be; nationalists are like the parents who can see no wrong in their kids, who coddle them, spoil them, make excuses for them and fail to nurture them. Once again, it comes down to responsibility. Good parents and patriots take responsibility; bad parents and nationalists do not.
Read the whole excerpt here, and order this terrific book here.


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