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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gandma's Gonna Be Just Fine ...

Hey, did everyone notice that Obamacare turned two years old the other day, and ... wait for it ... there are no death panels executing grandmas!

The next time anyone hears all those Republicans talking about overturning Obamacare, take a look at this informative little infographic from

And most of the benefits and savings to the federal budget don't fully kick in until 2014. Obamacare keeps getting better, so don't believe the right-wing lies. If Republicans get their way, they will set the nation's health care back decades and return the power from the people to the insurance companies. 

No matter how many times Republicans say "Obamacare" with a sneer on their faces, it still sounds a lot better than "Let 'em die!"

Remember what Grandma says ... "Obamacare because Obama cares!"


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