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Monday, February 24, 2014

Congratulations to Jason Collins and the Brooklyn Nets


The creeps associated with the Westboro Baptist Church responded on Twitter to my meme about Jason Collins with further proof of their bigotry.



  1. Oh, I forgot. "No anonymous comments, swearing, bullying, or other types of ignorance please."

    I guess you don't go to many Liberal Socialist Democrat websites or blog, eh?

    Lot of that stuff going on there.

    1. First, liberals and Democrats aren't Socialists. That pretty basic.

      Second, the point isn't what happens on other websites. The point is that civil discussion is a worthy goal in a nation with freedom of speech.

  2. I notice you didn't respond to Fred Phelps being a lifelong democrat, eh?

    And what constitutes civil discussion? Does it mean I can ask a question or will you get bent out of shape.

    I can give you numerous examples of liberal websites that belie all of your stated objectives.

    By the way I came across some objectives from some of your compatriots:

    e aim to promote:
    •greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity
    •the value of collective action and public service
    •an accountable, tolerant and active democracy
    •citizenship, liberty and human rights
    •sustainable development
    •multilateral international cooperation

    Do you agree with these?

  3. Yes, Phelps was a Democrat. And David Duke was a Republican. Neither represent their political parties very well. A civil discussion would recognize that neither party is best represented by its worst members. And your list of "objectives" is pretty good--although I imagine some opponents think "collective action" means Communism (it doesn't--it just means people working together) and "international cooperation" means one-world government (it doesn't--it means peace and, again, working together).

    But, again, the point isn't what happens on other websites. Notice that I've published your comments, so you're not exactly being censored.


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