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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CBO Obamacare Report Spurs Alternate Universe Republican Lies and Media Distortions

The new report from the Congressional Budget Office contained lots of positive news about the Affordable Care Act:

- Millions of people will be getting health insurance.
- Health insurance rates under Obamacare will be less expensive than originally projected.
- Millions of people won't have to hold onto jobs they don't want just to keep health insurance.
- Obamacare will significantly reduce the federal budget deficit.

So what did Republicans do? Surprise! They returned to their same old lies: "job killer," "budget buster," "rate shocker." The exact opposite of the truth. How can anyone believe anything Republicans say these days?

Even worse, the corporate media simply repeated the Republican lies instead of being bothered to understand the CBO report.

Here are several sources that explain reality in case your crazy uncle starts ranting again:


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