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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

76% of viewers like the SOTU speech. Naturally, that gets reported as a failure.

The media loves to repeat the theme that Americans hate politicians, including President Obama. So they buried the news that people watching President Obama's State of the Union address had an overwhelmingly positive response. A CNN instant poll showed that 76% of viewers liked the speech, but their article covering that fact was mostly negative to match the negative media narrative. And that's the supposedly "mainstream" media, not even the ridiculously anti-Obama right-wingers such as Fox News and talk radio.

The next time you hear a pundit talking doom and gloom about the president's poll numbers, keep in mind that President Obama is the most popular and respected major figure in American government today. Americans support the same policies he supports, and the nation likes him as a person--despite the negative media narrative.


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