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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Play the Fox News Benghazi drinking game, if you dare!

Yes, four Americans died in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Yes, it was a tragedy. No, it wasn't Obama's fault or Clinton's fault--it was the terrorists' fault. No, creating a humorous meme to satirize the right's dishonesty doesn't dishonor the victims. Yes, dishonestly politicizing this tragedy with made-up crap for political gain dishonors the victims.



  1. Pigs like you don't deserve to call yourselves Americans. I couldn't care less that you won't approve this post - libtards never do - but your Messiah has had an entire YEAR to do something about a dead Ambassador and three other dead Americans, and he's taken more interest in Syria. Laugh it up, libtards, every pig has his day.

    1. This is the kind of aggressive ignorance from the right that makes discussion of political issues difficult these days. Here are just a few aspects of what's wrong with this comment:

      1) Name calling: "pigs," "libtards," Obama as "messiah."
      2) Fake patriotism: "Pigs like you don't deserve to call yourselves Americans."
      3) Lack of interest in an actual, civil discussion of the issue: "I couldn't care less that you won't approve this post."
      4) Incorrect assumptions about other people's motives and behaviors: "libtards never do."
      5) Shameless use of tragedy to try to score cheap political points: "a dead Ambassador and three other dead Americans."
      6) Ridiculously false statements presented as obvious facts: "had an entire YEAR to do something about a dead Ambassador and three other dead Americans, and he's taken more interest in Syria"
      7) Pretending attention to one issue means a lack of interest in another issue: "he's taken more interest in Syria."
      8) Threats against anyone who disagrees: "every pig has his day."
      9) Too cowardly to reveal his or her own identity and take ownership of such an ignorant and rude comment: "Huskies Fan" is a made up profile created just to make this one comment.

      Congratulations, whoever you are. You've presented a very good example of the exact kind of dangerously ignorant person Charlie Pierce described in his book, Idiot America, or the kind of stunted thought process detailed in Chris Mooney's book, The Republican Brain.

      Please grow up and get a grip on reality.

  2. It was insanely easy to find out "Huskies Fan"'s information. I could dox out his Full Name, Address and Phone Number if I wanted to. I was also able to use his address data to find his Facebook page (Which is wiiiiiiiiide open BTW, another no-no) and I could see what he looks like and what his children look like. It saddens me that he likes the same things I do (Firefly and Doctor Who), considering he's an idiot... but there ya go.

    My point here is... if you are going to be an idiot on the internet, you should probably be a better job of keep and yours anonymous, because there are some insane people out there just waiting to ruin someone's life.

  3. The right dances on the graves of the brave Americans who died in Benghazi, so I raise my glass to those who died, and it is always 5 o'clock somewhere.


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