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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fox News Lies About Olympic Taxes

Here's some shocking news: Fox News is pushing a bogus report from Grover Norquist's dubious anti-tax group that says the mean old government will be taking a big financial bite out of Olympic medal winners. 

Of course, instead of the thousands of dollars that the silly report says Olympic champions will have to pay the IRS, the report itself has a thousand holes, including the fact that it implies that medal winners will have to pay the taxes out-of-pocket. The nonpartisan fact-checking service PolitiFact rated the tax claim a charitable, "Mostly False" and probably should have assigned its scathing "Pants on Fire" rating instead.

For most patriotic Americans, the Olympics are a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our nations greatest athletes and to appreciate at the talents of athletes from around the world.

For the folks at Fox News, the Olympics are just another occasion to lie about America.


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